Salomé Review

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A filmed recording of Al Pacino’s 2006 Los Angeles production of Oscar Wilde’s tale


Al Pacino goes past hammy straight to horrendous as an eccentrically mannered, depraved Herod in this altogether odd film of a 2006 L.A. staging of Oscar Wilde’s decadent play about the Biblical daughter of Herodias, whose rebuffed lust for captive John the Baptist prompts her fabled version of a Judean lapdance in exchange for the prophet’s head. Not least of the weirdness is Pacino’s affected but indeterminate accent amid an otherwise resolutely American ensemble. Jessica Chastain, though, in a performance that brought a stampede of filmmakers to her door, is sensational, mesmerising, mad, bad and intoxicatingly erotic.

Five stars for Chastain. For the film, not so much.