Because I Said So Review

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An overzealous mother (Keaton) tries to find Mr Right for her youngest daughter (Moore).


A well-meaning mother attempts to control her daughters’ lives in this so-so romantic comedy. While two are successfully married off, Milly (Moore) remains on the market, so mother Daphne (Keaton) secretly interviews potential suitors. Two handsome men arise in the process and Milly begins dating both, unable to decide between a blatant rotter (Tom Everett Scott) and an evident saint (Gabriel Macht).

Milly is attractive but paper-thin, so Keaton’s Daphne is the real heroine, a few touching scenes hinting at the loneliness of single motherhood. This isn’t sharp enough to be a strong drama, though, and it’s not very funny, so the end result is decidedly average.

A bog standard all-girls-together comedy with a decent cast and less impressive characters.