Russian Dolls Review

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Five years after their year together in Barcelona, a group of former exchange students reunite.


Four years after they shared a Barcelona flat, the characters from Cédric Klapisch’s Pot Luck reassemble for a St. Petersburg wedding in this even more free-spirited sequel. Klapisch is clearly intent on out-Godarding the Nouvelle Vague with his recklessly restless style, but his resolutely modern techniques do capture the skittishness of Romain Duris’ confused search for both a partner and a purpose. While Duris’ relationship with Kelly Reilly, as they work together on a tele-soap, is sweetly engaging, reunions with Audrey Tautou’s flighty ex and Cécile De France’s feisty lesbian and a diversionary fling with supermodel Lucy Gordon feel less successfully integrated. Yet, for all its self-conscious pizzazz, this is irresistibly entertaining.

Russian Dolls might not have as many layers as its namesake but when it's this sweet and feisty, it doesn't really matter.

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