Running Scared Review

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The New Jersey Streets are dodgy at best, but Joey Gazelle (Walker) knows them well. His skills are tested tot he limit though, when he has to return a cop's gun 'acquired' by a neighbour.


Jersey mob hood Joey (Walker) and his family have a wild, crazy night when the kid next door steals a gun and goes on the run. Joey has to get the incriminating weapon back before the cops, his bosses or a psychotic Russian crimelord - who are all converging - get wise. Meanwhile, the gun keeps changing hands, while the perp (Bright) has a series of encounters with junkies, whores and kiddy-fiddlers.

‘Colourful’ set-pieces include the send-up of a familiar advert: “Half a pound of Semtex, $500. Getting rid of a dirty cop, priceless.” This ultra-violent thriller from The Cooler’s writer-director Wayne Kramer is filthy fun, with more wrinkles than a cheap suit and a climax like a Spaghetti Western shoot-out on ice.

Stylish, rollicking post-Tarantino trash which does the business at such a pace you barely notice its preposterousness.