Rumpelstiltskin Review

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In the 1400's, Rumpelstiltskin is imprisoned inside a small jade figurine. In modern-day Los Angeles, the recently widowed wife of a police officer, with baby in tow, finds her way into a witch's shop and purchases a certain figurine, resulting in the cackling beast being freed and demanding possession of the baby.


Young widow Kim Johnston Ulrich is persecuted by the medieval dwarf from the fairy tale, who wants to claim her baby’s soul and is prepared to crack jokes while killing supporting characters until she gives in. Rump, a rubber-faced fiend in a jester suit, spouts warmed-over Freddy-isms while pursuing the heroine, and all the film can manage for a hero is a talkshow host even the script thinks is an asshole. Drivel, but it’ll seem like a classic compared to the sequel you just know
the supporting performances are adequate, and the deaths are creative, but it’s an entirely unfelt, superfluous and predictable horror movie.

Pointless horror flick with a few nice touches.