Rugrats in Paris: The Movie Review

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Tommy's dad is summoned ot ReptarLand to test a new invention, so the gang jump on board and head off to Paris for a euro-adventure.


If you have rugrats of your own or have ever tuned in to Saturday morning telly, the Rugrats will need no introduction: all you need to know is that 'Rugrats in Paris: The Movie' is as good as their last big-screen outing, but with goofy French accents, more movie references for the grown ups - most notably the wonderful 'Godfather' parody which opens the film - and a heartwarming storyline about ChuckieÆs search for a new mummy.

Thus begins les Rugrats' misadventures in Paris, where the adorable anklebiters get an Eiffel of EuroReptarLand, a bizarre Japanese theme park.

Susan Sarandon and John Lithgow provide suitably barmy back-up to the Rugrats regulars, and even Debbie Reynolds gets a cameo. Don't have kids? Borrow someone else's, and make their day.

Just as good as the last outing, this is great kiddie fare with some filmic references for the adults.

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