Ronin Review

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A group of rogue outcasts are hired to steal a case from some ex-KGB spies. But one of them has his own agenda.


Essentially Mission: Impossible without the latex slap, John Frankenheimer's Parisian spy-heist is noticeably old-school.

Ronin - meaning Samurai without a master - here refers to a group of rogue outcasts from all across the globe who are asssembled by a woman desperate to get a case back from some ex-KGB spies about to sell it to the Russians. Once in possession of the case, one of the group seems to have an agenda of his own...

Despite solid performances from Robert De Niro and Jean Reno, though, the plot lacks enough dynamism to make Ronin memorable beyond the ace car chases.

Some solid performances but it is only the car chases which are particularly memorable.