Romper Stomper Review

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Skinheads in suburban Melbourne take out their anger on Vietnamese residents. Eventually the victims fight back, sending the gang running from the avengers, and from justice.


A critical minefield on its 1993 debut - tabloid brouhaha upped the publicity - this savage portrayal of suburban racism is as prescient upon viewing today as it was then.

This was a timely re-release, not only due to the presence of Russell Crowe (in his first lead role), but also the recent resurrection of 'A Clockwork Orange', it explores many similar themes to Kubrick's hot potato, but - for all its brutally visceral power - suffers from both a lack of the former's class and an undertone just too ambivalent in its motives to win many allies.

A film about violent racism that is just too ambivalent in its treatment of the perpetrators to be anything but an uncomfortable watch. Some good performances, but leaves a bad taste.