Romancing The Stone Review

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Responding to her sister's kidnapping, a writer form Chicago sets out on a rescue mission to the Colombian jungle, teaming up with an American fortune hunter along the way and becoming embroiled in the quest for the titular precious stone.


Looking like an Indy knock-off, Robert Zemeckis' RTS turned out to be a lively action adventure.

A younbg woman from Chicago who writes Romantic novels is sent a package from Colombia by her sister with a note saying that it must be returned as ransom for her kidnapping. Our heroine sets off on a foolhardy mission to the jungle where she is rescued, and then teams up, with a seemingly low life American fortune hunter.

Basically, it's a quest for a precious rock enlivened by romantic sparring from Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, cracking set-pieces, exuberant direction and Danny DeVito on top form. Lewis Teague's sequel retreads the same licks without the zest.

Douglas and Turner make a great double act in this exuberantly directed adventure movie with a great start turn from the always enjoyable De Vito. Good stuff.