The Romance Of Astrea And Celadon Review

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A romantic drama centered around a young shepherd and shepherdess and the ramifications of their forbidden affair.


Despite focusing on nymphs, shepherds and druids in fifth-century Gaul, this adaptation of Honoré d'Urfé's pastoral novel is a trademark Eric Rohmer study of morality and young love. The juvenile cast is more beautiful than talented, their reckless actions over-fondly indulged and their loquacious parleys observed with meticulously composed discretion. But no one surpasses Rohmer in revealing the psychological truth behind impassioned folly, and Andy Gillet's obdurately chivalric separation from spirited beauty Stéphanie Crayencour suggests how little basic human emotions have changed down the cynical centuries. Some may find the digressions on the nature of love heavy going, but such qualms only reaffirm that the swansonging Rohmer retained his individuality throughout his 50-year career.

A beautiful treatise on the nature of love.