Rollin' With The Nines Review

Image for Rollin' With The Nines


The British film industry rolls on with its attempts to recreate the success story of Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels. Only difference is, these days the soundtrack is ‘grime’, and celebrity cameos come not from Vinnie Jones but from Dizzee Rascal.

This gangster flick has its moments, notably Stone’s bent copper and an exciting police pursuit that spills off the roads and into a forest. But nothing can make up for the unsavoury lead characters (a garage outfit who quickly ditch production for coke-peddling), the clichés and the shallow, nasty spirit that prevails: there’s blood everywhere, but barely a shred of humanity to be seen. It’s also a bit sad to see Lock, Stock’s Jason Flemyng moping around in a desk-bound minor role.