The Rocky Horror Picture Show Review

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A young couple get lost and stumble across a mad transvestite doctor from the planet Transsexual. He is in the midst of unveiling Rocky Horror (Hinwood), a humanoid creation who unfortunately spurns the doctor's advances, much to his annoyance...


Pretty much the grandaddy of all cult films, 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' became more of an interactive event than a stand- alone movie very soon after its release.

American college kids, gripped by a desire to leap into the 'don't dream it, be it' ethos of the mid '70s, got dragged up and generally horrified their parents, and, in doing so, transformed the movie into a hit, albeit a belated one.

Detached from the historical hoopla, you'd expect the film to be a bit on the time-withered side, but in fact it's stood the test of over a quarter of a century pretty well. The tunes are as loopily catchy as ever, Sharman's direction is zippy and the movie looks much bigger than the £1.5 million it cost.

But the powerhouse of the film is Tim Curry's cross-dressing alien, Frank N. Furter, who would never reach these kinds of gloriously demented heights again.

Simply a cult classic. See it once and laugh about it at dinner parties for the rest of your adult life. Or go along to the interactive viewings, dress up, and sing along. It's your call.