The Rocketeer Review

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A young pilot stumbles onto a prototype jetpack that allows him to become a high flying masked hero


Take an uncharismatic leading man (Bill Campbell), an obviously pre-Oscar Jennifer Connelly, a scene-chewing Timothy Dalton and action that doesn't start until halfway through the film and what you have is one of 1991's more disappointing summer flicks. Campbell discovers a rocket-pack in the 40s and decides to take on all of the Nazis before they take over the world, all looking typically evil with some great casting, along with the sinister Dalton and his henchmen. A good depiction of the era, with some good set-pieces and effective comic-book set and costume design but little else in terms of plot, emotion or suspense, with the main question being why Campbell's trousers don't catch fire when he takes off.

Reaches for the skies but runs out of fuel.