The Rocket Post Review

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Gerhard Zucher is a German scientist working for the allies, who sets up on a Scottish island to develop his invention of a postal rocket. His arrival causes ripples in the fabric of the insular community.


Cultures clash on the sleepy Scottish island of Scarp in this equally sleepy pre-World War II drama. Working for the British, German rocket scientist Gerhard Zucher (Ulrich Thomsen) tests his ‘postal rocket’ invention and causes a stir in the local community — especially with pretty Catriona McKay (Shauna Macdonald).

While based on a real character, Zucher’s relatively prosaic story is here morphed into a tale of love triangles, split loyalties and self-sacrifice. But despite a capable cast, the story plods and suffers from expositionary dialogue which does little to colour the characters. And with its limited locations, there’s rarely a sense of the impending War.

A slow-burning sentimental tale of love in a remote community, this is too stilted to really engage despite the talents of its cast – although it may win over elderly patriots.