Rivals Review

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Two brothers - one a cop, the other fresh from ten years behind bars - duke in out in the criminal underworld


This '70s-set drama offers a Gallic twist on the classic tale of two brothers on very different paths. François (Guillaume Canet) is a do-gooder cop who has forged a successful career despite his social ineptitude. Gabriel (François Cluzet) is a charismatic pimp, has just finished a ten-year stint inside and is wobbling on the precipice of re-offending. Both actors fit their roles perfectly, allowing the brothers’ relationship to veer seamlessly between camaraderie, jealousy, intimacy and distrust. The setting is a Paris packed with tight leather jackets, big hair and foxy girls, and the action, sex and family drama make for an enjoyable ride. Unfortunately, the denouement is frustratingly abrupt.

Strongly acted, brusque '70s period piece