Ring Review

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A cynical reporter begins an investigation into a mysterious tape that kills all who view it. After watching it herself she attempts to solve the mystery before she too falls victim.


The Japanese have always been a rum lot, film-wise. In the land of the rising sun, for example, in 1982 'E.T. ' was beaten in the box office stakes by 'Faces Of Death', a compilation of real life and faked gruesome death.

It's equally hard to see how this bog-standard horror offering has ignited the box office over there. The plot centres around a mysterious video tape circulating in which odd, blurry images are followed by a phone call announcing that in a week the viewer will be dead. They invariably are.

The images, it transpires, are images from the mind of a psychic with a nifty line in high-tec hexes. Nicely shot, and with an intriguing premise, this gets throttled by its over complexity, duff plotting and a distinct lack of actual action. Part of a trilogy by popular horror author Koji Suzuki, apparently.

Bog standard horror offering with a distinct lack of action or plot.