Revenge: A Love Story Review

Image for Revenge: A Love Story

A brutal serial killer is preying on Hong Kong policemen and their pregnant wives. When Kit (Mak) is caught fleeing from a police roadblock, flashbacks show his past as a steamed bun seller in love with a pretty customer (Sola). Her violent assault sets him on the path to bloody retribution.


The bid to revive Hong Kong Category III movies continues with this mix of slash and sentiment. Switching between three time frames, the action reveals how bun-seller Juno Mak became besotted with mentally challenged schoolgirl Aoi Sola and why he went on a rampage slaughtering policemen and violating their pregnant wives. However, Wong Ching-Po never seems as interested in Mak’s motives as his modus operandi and the use of slow-mo is as gratuitous as the decision to let the camera linger in lurid detail over Sola’s rape when she’s mistaken for a prostitute. Performances and stylistic flourishes are audacious, but shock factor regrettably takes precedence over credibility and taste.

Gory and close to exploitative in its depiction of sexual violence, Ching-Po's thriller packs some serious shocks. Not for the faint-hearted.