Revenge of Billy The Kid Review

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Horny farmer McDonald does little to shun the sterotype by having sex with an impregnating. The half-human-half-goat offspring Billy is tormented b the farmer's son's but soon hatches his plan for revenge.


Advertised as “Britain’s answer to The Evil Dead” — NOT! — this bizarre horror-comedy hybrid received a limited theatrical release in universities, polytechnics and regional cinemas around the country prior to beating a hasty retreat onto video.

Made over the course of three-and-a-half years by a group of fledgling filmmakers with commendable perseverance and funds raised from a variety of sources — including a Grimsby businessman contacted through an ad in Private Eye — Revenge Of Billy The Kid rates, rather unfortunately, on a par with the Golden Turkey-winning Plan 9 From Outer Space as one of the most mind-bogglingly bad movies ever.

Not, as its title suggests, a second sequel to the brat pack western Young Guns, rather the terribly tasteless tale of a half-man/half-goat mutant — the resultant offspring of a brief lustful liaison between horny farmer Gyles MacDonald (Balfour) and, er, a goat — seeking retribution on the desolate island-dwelling MacDonald clan, all of whom are wittily monickered Ronald. Endof story.

While atmospheric lighting and imaginative camerawork reveals the presence of some intelligence behind the camera, the sub-Viz meets Carry On by way of Monty Python toilet humour will test the endurance of even those hardened connoissuers of Z-grade movies.

Interest is pricked momentarily when the film’s chainsaw-wielding, biker hero, the ludicrously named Lance Allot, seemingly changes his appearance midway through scenes on account of the original actor bowing out of the reshoots and the producers being forced to hire another supposedly-lookalike actor to take his place, but the novelty soon wears thin.

Destined for either a swift descent into the depths of the proverbial dumper or for perennial cult status — the choice, ladies and gentleman of the jury, is yours entirely.

One of the most mind-bogglingly bad movies ever made.