The Return of the Swamp Thing Review

Image for The Return of the Swamp Thing

Dr. Arcane (Jourdan) wants to use his daughter in genetic testing experiments, but doesn't count on the prurient threat posed by one walking sack of vegetable waste.


While the prospect of a human being reconstructed from bits and pieces of swamp vegetation sounds promising enough, this piece of garbage fails to deliver on just about every level imaginable. The Swamp Thing rubber costume/make­up effects worn by Dick Durock are impressive enough while he stands still, but he resembles nothing so much as a man running through the undergrowth in a rubber suit.Wynorski has no idea how to direct actors and the performances are uniformly dire, even from talented veteran Louis Jourdan as a villainous mad scientist. Neither Heather Locklear nor Dick Durock can act, and their forgettable love scenes are mercilessly punctuated with pans up to the sunlight streaming through the trees.

The world can only hope The Swamp Thing's abode is now bulldozered and turned into a shopping mall.