The Return of the Man from Uncle Review

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An A-bomb is held to ransom by the criminal organization THRUSH for an outrageous £300, 000 to be delivered by our hero Solo, who's been out of the business for fifteen years.


Fifteen years later, Napoleon Solo's pen buzzes again, and he has to come out of retirement to tackle THRUSH, the evil organization, which has just stolen a nuclear weapon.

With Patrick MacNee recruited from rival spy show The Avengers to take over from the sorely-missed Leo G. Carroll as the head of UNCLE and a guest spot from George Lazenby as a nameless Aston-Martin-driving British spy, not to mention my-God-are-they-still-working? performances from David McCallum as llya Kuriakin and Gayle Hunnicutt, this is at least nostalgic fun for old TV buffs, but it's not a patch on the series.

Pretty standard attempt at re-hashing what was otherwise an outstanding series. Lacking in pretty much every way, but then such spin-offs usually are.