The Return of Jafar Review

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This straight-to-video sequel to the animated smash hit Aladdin may not feature Robin Williams’ verbal pinball as the Genie — Homer Simpson’s vocalist Castellanata steps in — but still has plenty to show for itself. And it’s staggering how even a minor Disney release such as this hour-length special is still leagues ahead of any other cartoon feature film currently trying its luck. The story is centred on the return of evil genie Jafar to wreak revenge upon his nemesis Aladdin, who’s finding his new-found luxury in the palace is stifling his freewheeling approach to life. As the Abracadabra type activities really hot up, the wisecracking, ebullient Genie returns from his holidays for a spot of major spell-casting and saving of the day. The animation may not be up to the heights of the original, but the cracks are ably covered with imaginative storytelling. A worthier a sequel than this carpet ride of slapstick wit, action and thoroughbred excitement you will be hard pushed to find.

Above average cartoon sequel