Resort to Kill Review

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A cop is murdered by a zombie serial killer and vowing to find his murderer his two partners begin to track the monster. They soon trace him to a forest in the jungle where they meet a mysterious woman who is making a whole army of zombies. It is then up to the two cops to stop her.


An oddball teaming of pro wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper with Japanese action movie legend Sonny Chiba (feted by Christian Slater in True Romance) sadly results in a tawdry, cheapskate little movie that plays like a bad 1940s serial with clumsy kung fu.

When their partner is killed by a zombie serial killer, our cop heroes track the villain to a jungle enclave where Dragon Lady Meg Foster is creating an invincible army. It would be more fun if the daffy premise were complemented by more rousing fight scenes rather than formula throwabout sessions.

You would think that a film starring legendary Japanese star Sonny Chiba and a wrestler would be the perfect ingredients for some serious on-screen carnage. This movie just isn't as action packed, funny or just enjoyable as it needs to be and although poor acting was expected the writers don't even try to hide it in the script.