The Resident Review

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Young doctor Juliet Dermer (Swank) moves into a Brooklyn loft, only to develop the uneasy sense that she is not alone.


Juliet (Hilary Swank), a young doctor just out of a relationship, miraculously finds an affordable, cavernous New York apartment, and is attracted to her live-in handyman landlord Max (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)... but Max’s odd grandfather (Christopher Lee) peers through door-cracks, there’s heavy breathing in the walls, and Juliet isn’t aware of a network of secret passageways which allow a stalker to ogle her in the bath and bed. This elementary hider-in-the-house horror from the reborn Hammer Films - once intended as their theatrical comeback, but leapfrogged by Let Me In and Wake Wood - suffers from a familiar premise, scarcely developed by a plot that could seriously use a few more twists and shocks. It’s all broadly signposted, the stars try hard but are miscast, and CV-stuffed-with-award-winning-music-videos Antti J. Jokinen directs timidly.

Routine Hammer horror that undercooks the scares.