The Rescuers Review

Image for The Rescuers

Bernard and Bianca (Newhart and Gabor), both mice in the Rescue Aid Society, set out to rescue an orphan girl who has been kidnapped by a swamp-dwelling Cruella De Vil type.


Cute Mice turn into super-efficient commandos for a mission to liberate an enslaved orphan kiddiewink from the horrid Madame Medusa's spooky swamp domain. The Disney version of Margery Sharp's terrific, sweet little Mouse Rescue Society stories is colossally twee but pleasing for small children, full of adventures, songs and some good, amusing characters like Orville the airsick Albatross.

The trio sharing directorial credit were top animators at Disney for years and made this effort the biggest first-time-out earner the studio had ever produced. However, the acheivements of the past cast long shadows over the little rodents of this tale.

A solid, child-friendly work which will keep little ones content, if not mesmerised.