Reno 911!: Miami Review

Image for Reno 911!: Miami

Mock-doc take-off of Cops type shows.


This is a spin-off for a us cable TV mock-doc sit-com which doesn’t play in Britain and satirises a show (Cops) which has already been parodied to death. The wacky foul-ups of the Reno Sheriff’s department take a trip (just like the gang in Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach), and wind up as Florida’s only law enforcement during a bio-terrorist attack.

Among the ingredients: big butt jokes, dead whale jokes, flaming gay jokes, wanking jokes, cameo jokes (The Rock, Danny DeVito), movie parody jokes (Scarface), topless beach jokes. Off the menu: funny jokes. Another Great British record has fallen to the Yanks — The Boys In Blue is no longer the worst police comedy ever made.

Very, very low-brow.