The Remaining Review

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Newlyweds Skylar (Vega) and Dan (Dechart) have just exchanged vows when the Apocalypse begins. Amid all the flying demons and Skylar's freshly-raptured parents, their first dance suddenly doesn't seem like such a big worry after all.


A wedding party is shattered when biblical prophecies of the Apocalypse are fulfilled in this tentative attempt to make a mainstream version of the end-of-days movies which have been popular with American evangelicals. It’s tougher than the Left Behind films: here, the raptured drop dead rather than being transported bodily to heaven, and raging demons stalk the ruins, attacking panicky, well-intentioned not-Christian-enough folks not selected for instant salvation. It has message-y moments, as characters rue their previous sins, but plays well as a low-budget essay in apocalyptic horror along the lines of Cloverfield or The Mist.

Like Paranormal Activity at a wedding - Paranuptial Activity? - this low-budget horror has its moment. Much, much better than Legion, although not as scary as the actual Book of Revelation.