Reign Of Assassins Review

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Rumoured to bestow supernatural powers on the people who possess them, the remains of an Indian monk are prized by Dark Stone, an ancient order of assassins. But one of their number - Drizzle (Michelle Yeoh) - has taken them and disappeared. It's only a matter of time before her past catches up with her.


A gloriously colourful and energetic old-school wuxia adventure, with a peculiar co-director credit for John Woo (principal director was Su Chao-Pin). During the Ming dynasty, the Dark Stone clan’s top assassin, Shi Yu (Kelly Lin), absconds with the remains of Buddhist monk Bodhi, which are said to bestow world-beating martial-arts chops on whoever possesses them. Hiding out with a new name (Zeng Jing) and face (Michelle Yeoh’s), she manages a quiet life until the past comes calling and the wire-fu breaks out. Choreography and visuals are top notch, and there’s humour and romance amid the carnage.

Come for the crunching fight sequences and balletic wire-fu, stay for some surprisingly affecting character moments.