The Reef Review

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Pi, a young orphaned fish, goes to stay with his family on the reef, and finds not only the love of his life but also her bullying shark admirer.


This animated mess doesn’t even qualify as a Finding Nemo wannabe — it aspires to be another Shark Tale and doesn’t even reach that lowly mark. The story of a little fish (Freddie Prinze Jr.) who heads to live on a reef after losing his parents swiftly becomes an underdog vs. bully story as he faces off against a shark who’s trying to steal his angelfish girlfriend (huh?), with the help of a wizard-like turtle.

There are exactly two funny lines, and this does boast the rare sight of a Rob Schneider character that isn’t annoying (although Fran Drescher is still enough to make you rip off your own ears), but it doesn't excuse the poor animation and incoherent plot.

A watered down effort that parents should avoid, but kids who don't know better will probably enjoy.