Red, White & Blue Review

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Erica (Fuller) ends up in the arms of a different guy every night until she meets Iraqi vet Nate (Taylor). Then one-time lover Franki (Senter) comes back to town and everything changes...


Delving into the depths of American depravity, this brutal treatise on humanity’s baser instincts starts as a study of moral abnegation and winds up deep in slasher territory. However, a noxious air pervades proceedings long before Iraqi veteran Noah Taylor slaughters aspiring musician Marc Senter and his bandmates for killing Amanda Fuller after she gained revenge for her rape by infecting Senter and his blood donations to his cancer-stricken mother with HIV. Rumley depicts Taylor’s pitiless spree with chilling slickness. But the methodical rampage lacks the visceral rawness of the abrasively vulnerable Fuller’s struggle to come to terms with her juvenile traumas and the unspeakable awfulness of the grim twist.

It's not exactly going to make you want to salute the flag any time soon, but its delivery is as slick as its subject matter is grim.