Reconstruction Review

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Seemingly happy with his girlfriend Simone, Alex suddenly abandons her for Aimee. His world falls apart, and he must reconstruct it by focussing on the future.


Christoffer Boe's mesmerising mosaic prides itself on remaining one step ahead of the viewer. You're simply not meant to understand exactly what's going on and how you respond to this challenge will determine your attitude to photographer Nikolaj Lie Kaas's plight, when his world literally falls apart after he cheats with novelist Krister Henriksson's wife.

Both women are impeccably played by Maria Bonnevie, but the deceit only adds to the self-congratulatory complexity of this meticulously contructed conundrum, with its teasing insights into fate, free will and the inexplicability of lust. Boe is occasionally guilty of showboating, both with his camera moves and the calculated narrative fracturing. But the voice-over imparts a satisfying noirish feel that reinforces the intriguing implication that Henriksson is somehow manipulating the characters as well as the audience.

Labyrinthine and devious, it's not exactly light entertainment, but nor should it have to make any apologies for being so. A nice little thinkpiece.