[.REC] Review

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[.REC] tells the story of a young TV reporter and her cameraman who are taping a real-life late night news programme when things go horribly wrong. What appears to be a routine emergency call quickly turns to hell as the team are trapped inside a building with no means of escape.


A peppy, bored TV reporter (Velasco) and her loyal camera-guy spend a night with the Barcelona fire department, hoping something will happen. When a call-out spirals into a full-on crisis, they get their wish.

[●REC] is a short, swift, terrifying ride, expertly assembled by up-and-coming Spanish horrormeisters Balagueró and Plaza, but it’s the third film to arrive inside six months to combine George Romero’s zombie rules with the hand-held Blair Witch aesthetic (the others being Zombie Diaries and Romero’s own Diary Of The Dead).

Without competition, it would seem fresher but, even in a crowded field, [●REC] is strong enough to hold its own.

Even thought it's the third such effort to employ handheld camera in a zombie flick, this has more than enough shocks to hold its own.