Re-Inventing Eddie Review

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Eddie and Jeannie are a married couple who are very honest with their children, answering embarrassing questions to the full. But when their daughter starts telling her schoolfriends details about her parents' sex lives, teachers and social workers suspect abuse.


This low-key British drama sees John Lynch as a well-meaning dad who isn't shy when it comes to teaching his two young children the facts of life. However, his frankness lands him in trouble when an innocent bath time game is misinterpreted by his daughter's teacher, and before long social workers are swarming to his doorstep convinced the little ones are being abused.

As depressingly worthy as this might sound, it's a very watchable little film, enlivened by decent performances from Lynch as a likeable chap whose only real crime is being a bit too liberal for his own good, and Thomson as his sympathetic best friend, while the potentially thorny subject matter is sensitively handled.

However, it has the distinct whiff of Sunday night TV drama about it and feels rather lost on a big screen when it would clearly be more at home on a small one.

Sensitive film with decent performances, but feels a little too low key to be on the big screen, Sunday night at home flick.