You're My Hero Review

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Everyday coming-of-age issues mirror the political goings on in the days before Franco’s 1975 demise


The gay rites-of-passage picture is becoming familiar in continental cinemas. But while recent French offerings have taken themselves a tad too seriously, this Spanish tale of an insecure outsider battling to make his mark in yet another new school gets the blend of adolescent innocence and knowing comedy just about right.

Wide-eyed lead Lozano holds proceedings together with admirable composure, whether he’s conversing with a make-believe Indian, or spectacularly failing to seduce pretty Carmen Navarro. Director Cuadri makes the most of his setting in the days before Franco’s 1975 demise to compare Lozano’s sexual awakening with the national sense of liberation, but wisely doesn’t overdo the parallels.

Droll, then, but not exactly deep.