We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story Review

Image for We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

Alien Captain New Eyes travels back in time to give dinosaurs some extra brain power, so that they become a peaceful, intelligent species. They travel to modern-day New York City to hang out with local children. But they meet the Captain's Professor brother who has bad plans for the dinosaurs.


Spielberg, Katzenburg and Geffen’s first challenge to Disney with their new animation venture is a disappointing cutesy, contrived movie from Spielberg’s Amblin stable. A scatty alien boosts the brain power of some primordial dinosaurs (chiefly Rex, voiced by John Goodman), who thus evolve into jovial time travellers. In modern New York the dinos befriend two lonely youngsters, battle with the evil Professor Screweyes, and win the day with kindness. Dino-mad kids who are happy with standard TV cartoon fare may get a reasonable kick out of it. Grown-ups will be grateful it’s only an hour

Disappointing TV-standard film that will entertain children, but annoy their parents.