Re-Animator II Review

Image for Re-Animator II

Mortality-meddling Dr West returns to revive reluctant sidekick Dr Cain's dead girlfriend, using bits cobbled together from various organs and someone else's' body, under the divisive threat of arch rival Dr Hill.


Horror sequels seldom horrify, an exception being James Whale's 1935 Bride Of Frankenstein, a superior development of Frankenstein which was to be the inspiration for Bride Of Re-Animator.

Instead we get a mere rehash of the first Re-Animator (1985's comedy-horror hit) which moreover fails to gel in the satisfying manner of the original. The Re-Animator in question, Dr Herbert West (Combs), is trying to revive the heart of the first movie's heroine, linking it to the head of a terminal hospital patient with the aid of the amni-otic fluid of certain Peruvian iguanas.

The severed head, meanwhile, of West's arch-enemy (Gale) is still active, and getting around on batwings. West has also, perhaps unwisely, botched together a cellarful of monsters who, in the way that they so often do, turn upon their creator.

Most of the cast return, including those definitely splattered the last time around. The script is warmed-over too, and the tide of gore has likewise receded. A curiously under-the-top picture, then, where monsters blunder about aimlessly and mad scientists exchange overheated dialogue in a manner we know all too well.

Sickly sequel which is on about the same level as its predecessor