Razzle Dazzle Review

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Aussie mockumentary about a children'’s dance school.


Brit Ben Miller stars in this Aussie mockumentary about a children’s dance school. He’s the choreographer training a troupe of girls for a contest, designing routines around his favourite causes, from animal experimentation to female oppression in Afghanistan.

While fittingly amusing, he’s royally upstaged by Kerry Armstrong as pushy mum Justine. Meanwhile a Gothed-up Tara Morice (Strictly Ballroom) is sullenly preparing constricting costumes liable to cause fainting fits.

There are loud echoes of Drop Dead Gorgeous and Little Miss Sunshine but this is a lighter affair, favouring one-liners over character development. It may be familiar, but it’s funny, feelgood and eminently quotable.

It may not give Christopher Guest any sleepless nights, but this is a light-hearted affair with plenty of great one-liners to its credit.