Raw Deal Review

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Hard-done to FBI hard-nut Kaminsky (Schwarzenegger) is booted into a shit-kicking post as sheriff of a small North Carolina town. When FBI chief Stanton (McGavin) asks Kaminsky to hunt down the mobsters who killed his son, our man sees a chance to get back into the Bureau and, of course, to fell hoodlums like skittles.


Schwarzenegger doing what he does best - single-handedly annihilating large numbers of people in this story of an FBI man unfairly dismissed. The Mafia wish they’d never been born and it’s easy to empathise with such painful payloads of violence heading their way, all made significantly more hard to take by Arnie’s zingers, which are significantly below par here (e.g. ‘You’re under arrest.’ ‘What for?’ ‘Impersonating a human being’). Yes, this is Schwarzenegger at his worst, trying to add character to his physique but getting out of shape under the strain of trying to carry a woeful plot and set-pieces that are as original as they are exciting: only very mildly.

A sadly lightweight spar through rule-breaking cop conventions that doesn't utilise it's star's bulk to any great effect.