Raising Arizona Review

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A childless couple decide it would be for the best if they kidnapped one of a set of quintuplets. Unfortunately all of their unscrupulous friends have their own ideas about the uses of the new baby.


The Coen brothers' sophomore effort sees Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter going to desperate lengths to achieve parenthood. The couple, an ex cop and an ex con, steal a baby from a set of quintuplets to raise as their own. However, not all goes according to plan as they attempt to keep the theft a secret whilst protecting the wee bairn from the collection of reprobates they have surrounded themselves with.

Following up a movie like 'Blood Simple' was never going to be an easy task, but Joel and Ethan succeed admirably, with Arizona setting the precedent for many of the quirky trademarks that have punctuated their subsequent efforts and giving John Goodman his first great Coen role.

Best remembered for Cage's hysterical 'baby-chasing' sequence, and small bunnies being blown up by The Lone Biker Of The Apocalypse.

Hilarious, madcap comedy from the Coen brothers that demonstrates just why they are the kings of quirk.