Rage Review

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Three angsty inner city teens chase a hip hop dream.


Rage, or maybe more A Mild Tantrum, as three angsty, inner-city teens (Ayres, Parkes and Pickard) wander about a bit and occasionally get the hump. Chasing their dream of cutting a hip hop record, the hapless trio descend into petty crime and shouting, 'It's so unfair!' at their parents with Kevin & Perry predictability.

That said, the direction of newcomer Aduaka shows some promise. Perhaps this is thanks to his portrayal of a journey of self-discovery and awakening, or perhaps it's because he's simply latched on to the current affinity with the gritty, documentary feel. Either way, a script that took only four days to write sadly feels like it, giving a young cast precious little to work with, and culminating in an array of two-dimensional caricatures as opposed to genuinely empathetic characters.

Two dimensional caricatures in this teenage 'life isn't fair' scenario. No, it ain't, now get on with it, loves.