The Rage In Placid Lake Review

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Placid Lake is a young, much put-upon man. Hippie parents, bullying and unrequited love are at the top of his list of hassles...


Unfortunately not a sequel to the oversized-crocodile B-movie Lake Placid. Our hero is Placid Lake (Lee), a young man cursed with hippie parents (Richardson and McDonald), persistent school bullying and an unrequited crush on his best friend (Byrne) - all of which drive him to abandon his individuality and strive to fit in.

Placid's quest produces some blackly comic moments. The sight of Richardson's head in another woman's crotch is not one to forget in a hurry, and there's a cracking first-day-at-school scene. But the film's whole is weaker than its parts.

Lee, an Australian rock star, makes an unattractive hero, too many jokes fall flat and the script feels like an American import stapled over an Aussie location. Frankly, it would have been better with a giant reptile...