Rabbit On The Moon Review

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Young Mexican couple find themselves unjustly embroiled in a political conspiracy.


Several things intrigue about this conspiracy thriller. The scenes in Mexico City and London, for example, are respectively shot on film and HDV, while few punches are pulled in the depiction of government corruption. But the ‘wrong man’ storyline is wholly unpersuasive, and too many contrivances are required following the assassination of an influential politician to get Bruno Bichir to Blighty, where incarcerated wife Lorraine Pilkington’s ex-boyfriend (Adam Kotz) just happens to be an MI5 agent capable of proving that the couple have been set up.

Muddle is too often confused with complexity, as the action becomes ever less feasible, with Pilkington’s jailbreak being particularly preposterous. Thus, this is a worthwhile co-production, but botched in the execution.

A decent premise goes to waste in this muddled Anglo-Mexican conspiracy thriller, which suffers from too many narrative contrivances and indifferent performances.