Queen's Logic Review

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A group of thirtysomething men gathering together for the wedding of their friend Ray, all of whom are dealing with their own personal crises. Ray isn’t sure he wants to get married, his brother Al is on the verge of splitting from his long-suffering wife


A brief look at the cast list of Queens Logic (Joe Mantegna, Kevin Bacon, John Malkovich, Jamie Lee Curtis) makes this quite a surprising straight-to-video choice. An ensemble piece in the Big Chill/Diner mode — even down to the casting of ex-Diner actor Bacon — Queen’s Logic’s behind-the-camera tale is as interesting as the film itself.

Young Queens actor Tony Spiridakis, out-of-work and approaching the big 3-0, sat down with a group of friends and, with their help, wrote a script about themselves for a movie that he could appear in, which ended up as Queens Logic. Along the way, Spiridakis fell out with every friend he had collaborated with, got the sole writing credit for the film, and achieved what he wanted all along — one of the lead roles in the movie.

Although funny in parts — “He thinks he’s James Brown,” says Malkovich after Kevin Bacon ruptures a vital part on the dancefloor — the script never rises above the norm, with each plot “twist” unsurprising and each character’s final outcome predictable.

Even worse, Jamie Lee Curtis’s credited appearance adds up to little more than a few lines near the end of the movie, while Spiridakis crops up once too often. What saves the film are the performances from Malkovich, Mantegna, Bacon and Mantegna’s wife Linda Fiorentino, all of whom inject humour and feeling into the tale.

Queens Logic may not be in Diner’s league, but with talent like this on show, it's definitely worth a look.