Qayamat Review

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Two Asian arms dealers steal a deadly virus and hold a city to ransom.


Qayamat' (subtitled City Under Threat) resembles 'The Rock' in its blend of bloody action, mammoth star cast and dynastic intrigue.

Arbaaz Khan and Sanjay Kapoor play Pakistani terrorists who occupy a famous prison, hellbent on holding the city of Mumbai to ransom with a deadly virus.

Although the convoluted, concept-heavy plot is frequently reduced to cliched dialogue and ill-timed musical interludes, helmer Harry Baweja shows genuine visual flair by incorporating 'Matrix'-style action sequences. But thrilled anticipation soon turns to despair - you just know that this is heading in exactly the wrong direction. And there is nothing you can do about it.

This film starts with promise but rapidly starts heading in the wrong direction as thrill turns to despair.