Pyrates Review

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Sam and Ari like to have sex, in a wide variety of places. Trouble is, whenever they are at it, they manage to start a fire. So dangerous is their tendency that their friends and eventually a psychiatrist are called in for advice.


Written and directed by Noah Stern, writer of the aforementioned Opposite Sex, this is another dose of bittersweet adult comedy starring the husband and wife team of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick as insatiable lovers with the rather unfortunate hang-up of accidentally starting fires whenever they fornicate. Bacon, a free-wheeling photography student, and Sedgwick, a hot-headed cellist, meet at a warehouse party and are soon at it on the fire escape, kicking over a lava lamp in the heat of the act and literally setting the party alight. Mutual friends conspire to douse the flames of their passion but, when this fails, the inflammatory couple seek refuge in cod-psychiatry.

With the principals coming across as charmlessly self-centred, this cornucopia of copulation is, despite an attempt at kooky episodic to-camera chit-chat, more hot air than hot stuff.