Pyramid Review

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A team of American archaeologists enter an ancient pyramid to uncover its ancient secrets, only to discover that one of those ancient secrets wants to hunt them all down.


A group of squabbling Egyptologists and documentary filmmakers got lost in a labyrinth under a newly-discovered pyramid. Though it’s been too long since anyone attempted a seriously scary mummy movie, Gregory Lavasseur’s The Pyramid fails to deliver on practically every level. Inbetweener James Buckley plays the British cameraman who keeps sensibly insisting boffins apply their brainpower to escaping from traps rather than falling into more of them, but he’s just as poor company as the rest of the doomed expedition. The ultimate heart-ripping menace is almost entertainingly ridiculous, but doesn’t save the film – and the feral bald cat monsters don’t help either.

Worse than being buried alive in an actual pyramid, if mercifully less time-consuming.