Puritan Review

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Simon Puritan has set himself up as a pagan medium in the east End of London. His latest client, however, is making alife a lot more complicated.


Ambiguities haunt this occultish thriller about a medium, which should fascinate fans of the genre but might alienate those not willing to follow the corkscrewing plot. Nick Moran plays Simon Puritan, the London soak who comforts bereaved people with messages that may or may not be from the grave.

After a disfigured man visits him regarding a future client, he’s plunged into a cross between a sensual film noir and a paranormal thriller. The chronology isn’t always clear and some twists are too clearly signalled, but the opulent production design and restrained performances are enjoyable — including David Soul’s turn as a canny American self-help guru. With its evident budgetary constraints, Puritan is far from perfect, but it still manages to offer up enough intrigue and atmosphere to entertain.

Sumptuous production design and an intriguing story help this paranormal thriller rise above its obviously low budget.