Pure Country Review

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Having had enough of the entertainment world a Country and Western singer drops out of his tour and tries to reconnect with the world. He takes a break and begins to have a relationship with a rodeo girl and also tries to re-invent himself as an acoustic singer.


A vehicle for earnest Country & Western star George Strait, who stretches himself by playing an earnest Country & Western star. Strait drops out of a glitzy tour and tries to find himself through a romance with a rodeo-riding cowgirl and an unplugged comeback.

Stuffed full of homespun country wisdom, this wins points for casting gruff old-timer Rory Calhoun as the heroine's crusty Dad and Lesley Ann Warren as the crass manager, but suffers from Strait's stiff-faced performance and an overwhelming air of smugness. For a country and western singer-turned actor, George Strait is no Dolly Parton.

Proving once again that singers really shouldn't be allowed to act, particularly when playing a singer, Strait fails to impress as the Country and Western singer. Luckily he has solid support from Warren and Calhoun but it's not enough to make this film enjoyable except for perhaps the few Strait fans.