Pumpkinhead Review

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When a remote hick town is invaded by inner-city bikers, little Billy Harley is run over and left lying for dead. His enraged father Ed Harley takes vengeance into his own hands and conjures the demon "Pumpkinhead" to execute exact justice on the city kids.


Badass city biker folks run over backwoodsman Lance Henriksen’s kid, and he invokes a hillbilly demon called Pumpkinhead to seek the ultimate revenge.

Despite elaborate monster effects co-ordinated by director Stan Winston and some interesting bits of rural folklore, this is essentially just another Friday the 13th style let’s-kill-off-some-teenagers-one-by-one movie which doesn't work nearly half as well as any of the more illustrious predecessors.

The monster, which resembles a scarecrow version of the Alien alien, is impressive, but the plot plods on in by-the-numbers fashion.

Little atmosphere and no surprises.