The Puffy Chair Review

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Josh takes his brother and his girlfriend on a road trip across the US to deliver his lazyboy chair to his father. The trip puts all their relationships under the microscope.


An ailing couple take a road trip in this sharp, funny American indie from brothers Mark and Jay Duplass. Mark stars as Josh, an arrogant, deluded but generally amiable "dude" who takes girlfriend Kathryn and hippy brother, Rhett on a journey to deliver a purple lazyboy to his father. Josh’s threatening behaviour towards salesmen - and his elaborate scheme to get $10 off a motel bill - vex both passengers and throws his relationship with Kathryn into the spotlight. Whether the couple are bickering or baby-talking, their dialogue is acutely observed, and Rhett works as both comic sidekick and credible emotional catalyst.

The performances become more self-conscious when the real-life Duplass parents enter the scene, but this is still a thoroughly enjoyable watch with a real handle on uncomfortable relationship truths.

A witty, entertaining road trip comedy that doesn't shy away from ambiguity or discomfort