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Brewster is the perfect all-American town. Perfect, that is, until a stranger arrives with a talk show entitled 'What is wrong with Brewster?'. Well? What is wrong?


Retaining director Bryan Singer's affinity with outsiders and patient plotting, this quirky effort owes big to David Lynch, especially in its off-kilter take on Blandsville U.S.A..

Brewster, a sleepy, idyllic town in small town America. Where neighbours are firneds, everyone knows your name and no one has any dark secrets. Or so they thought. Then, of course, the illusion is shattered when a Mysterious Stranger enters this sleepy town and sets up a phone-in show on cable TV which slowly reveals the fissures in the community. It is an intriguing, and uneasy beginning which delivers on the promise.

However, eventually the wonderfully weird mood is replaced by overwrought developments where the unknown cast confirm why they are still unknown.

An uneasy film which sets the viewer up for some surprises and delivers on that promise. Let down, however, by a weak cast of unknowns.